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Weekly report Shoulder abduction arm sling
Apr 19,2022

Weekly report of shoulder brace is going. The shoulder abduction bracket is suitable for deltoid paralysis, shoulder joint injury and post-operative fixation. The utility model of this product is reasonable in design and easy to use. By setting a hand fixing belt, it is easy to fix the patient's hand. The hand fixing plate is a semicircular structure, which can effectively simulate the bending shape of the palm, thus improving the comfort of the patient's hand. By setting a shoulder arm fixing belt, the shoulder arm can be fixedly connected with the shoulder arm support plate, so as to prevent the recurrence of the patient's disease due to poor fixation, By setting an angle adjustment locking bolt and using the angle adjustment locking bolt to adjust the angle of the elbow arm fixing plate and the shoulder arm support plate, the angle can be adjusted according to the patient's condition. The utility model is simple and convenient and suitable for wide popularization.

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