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Wish everything goes well
Dec 26,2022

Covid Is Spreading rapidly recently in China. Some Regional numbers point to explosive outbreaks and overstretched health care systems. More and more orders cannot work as usual and some orders have to be delayed.  We are afraid that the schedule of some orders may be changed due to the delay of production. Sorry for the inconveniences caused and thanks for all cutomers' patience. But most of orders will keep lead times. We believe we can fighting for virus and everything goes well. Wish all who suffer from virus go recover soon.

Xiamen Huakang Orthopedic Co.,Ltd is a professional manufacturer of orthopedic braces in China, including ankle brace, knee brace, walker brace, hip brace, back brace, should brace, neck brace, elbow brace., wrist brace, finger brace etc. Of course we supply and export some epidemic protection articles,such as disposable masks, face shield,  protective clothing, goggles, etc. More information please see

Covid masks and face shields

medical products devices for covid

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